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Self Development


what is consistency

What is Consistency?

Consistency is when nobody is cheering you on but you are as motivated as you first started out. Consistency is choosing to constantly produce quality work regardless of how long you have been in the game or whoever is watching. […]

Personal Branding

True Personal Branding isn’t Deception

Recently, I came across so many literatures online about personal branding. Not that people are talking about building one, but they are talking about the dangers of building a ‘false one’. Here is something you need to note: Personal branding […]

10 ways to position yourself as a thought-leader in your field

“Thought-leader”, what does this really means? It has become such a buzz word and most people don’t know the real essence of the word. Who is a thought-leader? A thought-leader is someone who is skilled, experienced and an expert in […]

Unique Ways to Get Content Ideas for your Brand

One of the major questions I get asked a lot by people is this ‘How can I create content for my brand/business’? Most people get clueless when it comes to creating great content for their brand that is useful and […]

personal brand

Easy Steps to Get Your Brand In Motion

Like many other people, you must have set some goals for the New Year, and you probably might have set goals for your individual and/or business brand as well. Your brand is something you need to keep working on regardless […]

Let’s talk about features and benefits: why should you pay attention to them?

Dear business owners, how do you position your brands to attract the attention of your ideal audience? One of the things you simply need to do is to pay attention to the features and benefits of your products or services. […]

building your personal brand

A Simple Guide to Building a Personal Brand in 2020

Starting a brand new year involves a lot of planning and goal-setting for some people. Most people set goals spanning across different areas of their lives including their career and or businesses. In fact, building a personal brand may be […]